EU Privacy Shield Certification

The EU Privacy Shield program is the successor of the EU US Safe Harbor program.

Announced in Feb 2016 it became operational on the 1st August 2016 and delivered a number of key benefits:

1. Enhanced Dispute Resolution systems with additional reporting criteria.

2. A US based Oversight Committee to handle complaints regarding data access by US Intelligence agencies.

3. Stricter controls on onward transfer of data once outside of the European Union.

4. A joint annual review process by the EU Data Protection Authority and the US Department of Commerce.

5. Liability remaining with data controllers after the onward transfer of data.

6. The option for binding arbitration.

7. The option for Data Protection Authority panels to resolve complaints.

8. Increased co operation between the Department of Commerce and the European Comission, including an annual review of the program.

Current Status:

The program became active on 1st August 2016. Companies that apply before September 30th will benefit from a 9 month grace period during which time to bring onward transfers into compliance.

That first companies attained Privacy Shield certified status on 12th August 2016.

For more information view the EU Privacy Shield Timeline


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