Marketing Automation: Making Customer Touch Points Productive and Value for Money

In the second of my articles on Marketing Automation I am discussing how to increase value for money from customer touch points.

What Are The Customer Touch Points Within Your Organisation? How do your customers find you?

Customer touch points could include: social media, Facebook, Twitter, blog, customer events, industry events direct mail, website -  these are all ways in which as an organisation you interface with prospects and clients.

As an organisation we want to make each of these touch points productive and value for money, but posting on each social media site, writing the blog, anlaysing data coming in from the website whilst trying to send e-shots and manage the CRM system all takes time – lots of time. With marketing automation we can connect multiple touch points, nurturing prospects and continuing to service our existing customers, this means that marketing isn’t just about generating sales leads or making a sale it is about building for the future, ensuring that the sales will continue over the long term. It is a very short sighted sales team that sees marketing as simply a way of generating tomorrow’s sales leads.

Take the time, as an organisation (and it does take time) to find the right fit, ensure that the system you choose give you everything that you need. If you already have several agencies in place take the time to evaluate each of them before making decisions. However if you set up a marketing automation process then this means that sending 1:1 personalised targeted messages to customers and prospects will be a reality.

For the organisation this means

Stronger communication

Time to focus on the message and the content

You can send targeted messages depending on the website interactions

Integrated marketing channels – each of the messages will compliment the other, your prospect or customer will see seamless and joined up messages

The ability to react to a lead and carefully nurture them through the sales funnel, converting a happy prospect into a happy customer

Brand communication will be stronger and more cohesive

Creating an automated marketing function doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. We need to remember that the sales department sells, the marketing function through a mix of channels and creativity create the environment to nurture happy prospects, who in turn will turn into happy customers assuming of course the sales department do their job.