Privacy Guidance & Best Practice

The following documents give guidance on ensuring that the information you collect from your customers is done so in a secure and legal manner.

They also contain best practice information.

Outsource your Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data Protection for the Social Housing Sector

Does Working from Home Affect Data Protection?

How Can I demonstrate that My Organisation is GDPR Compliant?

To BREXIT and Beyond!

GDPR - The Data Audit

Preparing for GDPR

Marketing and GDPR

GDPR & International Organisations

Processing Data Belonging to Children

The Data Breach

The Data Protection Officer

DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment


The Legal Basis for Processing

GDPR is not just about DATA . . . its about PEOPLE and REPUTATION

Privacy Rights of Individuals under GDPR

Data Privacy Notice - Communicating with individuals

GDPR Your 11 Point Checklist

Data Protection & GDPR

For The B2B Marketer What Does GDPR Mean?

The Marketing Database and GDPR

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

What are Standard Contractual Clauses?

GDPR vs ePrivacy regulation - Both the upcoming GDPR and ePrivacy regulations are set to have far reaching impact on both EU companies, and any company that does business in the European Union.

CASL - Canadian Anti Spam Leglislation 

Facebook Instant Personalization
Information on how to prevent Facebook sharing your information with permission.

Facebook users targeted by virus

A new virus, called Koobface, is spreading via the social networking site Facebook.

Safe Harbor Certification

Safe Harbor is a privacy requirement for companies based in the US collecting information from EU citizens.

Facebook privacy tips
Facebook is quickly becoming the most popular social network on the internet, with people sharing vast amounts of personal information with friends and family, and also strangers. A few simple tips can ensure that your private information, stays private.

Privacy Glossary
A quick guide to a number of terms used on this website, and in relation to online privacy.

Spyware programs are a growing threat on the internet. These seemingly harmless programs monitor your PC and can send vital information, such as your bank details, to third parties.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Storing customer and visitor information in a secure environment is critical, but so is a robust disaster recovery plan that will ensure you can recover the information and protect it in the event of the un-thinkable.

The Importance of a Privacy Policy
A privacy policy is one of the most important documents on any website. It details your company's views and procedures on the information collected from visitors.

The Commercial Factors of creating a privacy policy
The rapid growth of online commerce has spurred federal regulators into action to protect consumer privacy rights. Companies that use their websites for collection or dissemination of consumers' personal information should be aware of standards imposed by newly-enacted federal law and the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") to regulate such practices.

Creating your privacy policy
Privacy policies have recently become the drafting project du jour for cyberspace law practitioners. This new wave of enthusiasm can be attributed to at least three recent phenomena.

Privacy Breach Notification