Flexible Working - Mums the word

‘The times they are a changin’ said Bob Dylan, and in the workplace they certainly are. As an employer are you ready to embrace that change?

In this article I am focusing on mothers, because in the main flexible working arrangements are most associated with mothers, secondly I am a ‘mum’ and I know the frustrations of wanting to work but wanting to be a mum to my two children.

The question is ‘why should I or any other mum have to choose?’ be a mum or go to work, I want to do both, but I want to do it on my terms and it’s not just me, there are a whole army of us out there, women who are clever, well educated and wanting to join the workforce.

As an employer who embraces the flexible working option the benefits to you and your organisation can be amazing and a huge advantage to your business.

Increased Job Satisfaction for Your Employees

With increased job satisfaction comes a better attitude to work. Your employees are happy, a happy employee is more likely to be an enthusiastic one. Enthusiasm for the job that they are doing leads to increased engagement and more commitment to the company, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

Reduces the Number of ‘Sick Days’

If you have happy committed employees, they are less likely to be stressed, the days that they take sick will be less.

Reducing Staff Turnover

Happy employees stay, it’s simple. This means greater productivity, less time spent training new employees.

Better Time Management

An employee who knows that she has a set number of hours to get the job done, will work better, more efficiently, less time wasted.

Greater Ability to Recruit Great People

As an employer embracing flexible working means the talent pool that you can recruit from has just grown hugely, perhaps you were finding it difficult to recruit for a senior position, you will find that this is no longer the case. There is a huge pool of talent and experience out there just waiting to be tapped.

Flexible working can mean a variety of things, it could be reduced hours per day, a shorter week, only working during school hours, job share, whatever way you approach flexible working, the job still gets done.An employee who feels in control of their time will give it more freely.

So what I am saying is that just because we are mothers, we are still well educated, hard working women who want to be allowed to do a job that we love.

If you are employer and are thinking about flexible working, or who would like to introduce flexible working to your organisation, contact us. Lets talk.