Data Protection & GDPR

The Queens Speech confirmed that the UK will be continuing to push forward with the new GDPR legislation after BREXIT.

This is good news, it will strengthen our current rules on data protection and in turn will give additional rights to the consumer. The Queens speech also told us that young people will have the right to have personal data removed from social media sites that they posted before they were 18, this has to be good news in light of the silly and unsavoury images that often appear in news feeds. I personally don't think it is right that something that was done as a fun loving, free spirited teenager should weigh you down for the rest of your days.

When it comes to the law and dealing with threats, the authorities will still be able to 'continue to exchange information quickly and easily with international partners'. I know there is a lobby of thought that may well disagree with the sharing of information, however personally I am of the opinion that I want to be safe and if I haven't done anything wrong then I shouldn't object, I am alone in this thought?

Going back to the Queens speech the government has stated that GDPR legislation will be implemented in May 2018 and will continue to be law after we leave the EU, so BREXIT will not have a bearing on the implementation of this new bill which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998.

Do I think GDPR is a good idea, on a personal note, yes I do, in the digital age I do want to know who holds my data and yes I do want to choose the marketing messages that I receive and from whom, but as a marketer do I still think it is a good idea - well yes I do, I believe it will give companies and organisations the opportunity to clean the data that they hold, to bring transparency to how they work and handle personal data and in doing so this will evoke trust for the organisation and the brand and if the legislation is correctly implemented it will do wonders for the reputation management of that organisation.

So now there is no doubt, it is surely time to become GDPR compliant.