Using Marketing Automation to Increase CRM and Operational Efficiency

As a marketer I am sure you would agree that marketing is the lifeblood of an organisation. As the organisation grows it will go through a metamorphosis, as it develops, becomes larger and grows stronger. In the beginning there is a product and then there is the sales team.

PRODUCT sold & promoted by the SALES TEAM resulting in CUSTOMERS

As the sales team are selling and promoting the product(s), they are building customer relationships on a 1:1 basis. The sales process will continue in this way until the point is reached when the organisation has more customers than is possible to be maintained on a 1:1 basis by the sales team.

It is at this point that it is important not to allow your customers to feel alienated and unloved. It is important to remember that the customers you currently have are used to an organisation that has given them a personal service and this could be the reason that they are choosing to stay with you rather than migrate to a competitor. However now having had success the organisation has grown, there is an increased client base and the ‘personal touch’ has to take a back seat.

It is at this point that a marketing director needs to be added to the mix. Now is the time to build marketing programmes to meet demand. However there will then come a point when there are not sufficient hours in the day to deal with a number of different agencies, copious amounts of emails, write strategy reports, fill in spreadsheets, update the blog and ensure that all your social media channels are populated. Now, there needs to be integration and cohesion, it is time to join the dots and ensure that you are still able to give your customers the personal touch, without tying yourself in knots.

Marketing Automation is about using technology to enhance the customer relationship, it is about streamlining, giving you efficiency, the ability to measure, giving you back time to be creative and innovative, it is not about technology taking over and killing the personal touch. It will allow you to track your campaigns easily and efficiently, giving you the opportunity to track and increase your ROI.

By giving your customers and prospects content that is personalised and is relevant to their needs and wants, they will feel nurtured. Your prospects will see you as an organisation that takes notice of their wants, your customers see you as a company that cares, treats them as individuals (one size never does fit all!) and has taken the time to get to know them. A win:win situation,  engaged prospects become happy customers that stay loyal, which for you means your customer retention increases, your ROI increases, as does the profits.

So marketing automation is about joining the dots, it is about making sure that your systems and processes run seamlessly as one. For the marketer it brings all of your marketing together in the one place, it allows you to take back control.

There are a number of suppliers of marketing automation some will give you full automation, others will allow you to automate your sales emails, you need to evaluate and then decide which is the system that best suits your needs. Suppliers to consider are: Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, Dotmailer, each will have their own variants.

I do not work for any of the above suppliers, nor have I been paid to include them in this article, they are simply the suppliers that over the last few months I have been evaluating to satisfy marketing needs.