Application Process

The application process starts when your details are received from the online application form and the confirmation of your application payment. You will receive an email confirmation of this.

It can take up to 3 days to conduct an initial review of your website; this includes a consistency check, in depth manual analysis of your site and a number of automated scans which may show up in your traffic logs. Please only submit your privacy statement if your website is fully operational.

Your privacy statement is then reviewed against the guidelines of our Privacy Requirements.

After this time period we will contact you with any changes we think are necessary to meet our requirements. When you have informed us of the changes, we will review these within two business days.

Certification can usually be completed in 12 working days. However, in the event that certification takes longer than 2 months, your certificate will start two months from your application date. E.g if you apply for certification in January 2016 but complete it in May 2016, your certificate will show a start date of March 2016, and expire March 2017.

If we are satisfied with the changes we will provide you with the PrivacyTrust Mark to place on your website, and we will provide you with a working link to our website where your Certification Mark can be validated, this will be completed in one business day.

If the changes are not made to our satisfaction then we will not provide the PrivacyTrust Certification Mark or a validation link. The process of changes and reviews will continue until we are satisfied that all the changes have been satisfactorily made. Each time we will take two business days to review the changes.



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