GS Caltex Corp loses customer list

    Company: GS Caltex Corp
    Date: 5th September 2008
    Information Compromised: customers’ names, resident registration numbers, home and office addresses, home and mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses. In addition, some of the files have information on its customer’s companies.
    Cause: Data theft
    Details: On September 5, the Cyber Terror Response Center, a police unit in charge of online crimes, said it is investigating how two compact discs containing personal information on some 11.19 million people was leaked from inside GS Caltex, the nation’s No. 2 oil refiner. The two compact discs were found on a street in Seoul’s Gangnam district, where many karaoke bars are located. According to the police unit, the compact discs contain 76 Excel files in a folder labeled “GS Caltex Customer List,” which includes personal information on customers who were born between 1940 and 1992