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The process of application for the PrivacyTrust Certification starts as soon as you complete the online application form and you can receive your certification in as little as 7 days. For more information on the application process please click here.

A standard fee for the certification application is US$745. PrivacyTrust Certifications need to be renewed every year, however if you change your Privacy Statement you must notify us for Reassessment, there is no fee for reassessment. You can read more information on the fees in our Fees section.

During the application process we check your website, privacy statement, and the information you provide us against our Privacy Requirements. To facilitate a quicker application process we encourage applicants to read our Privacy Requirements before starting the application process, although this is not essential.

On acceptance of your privacy procedures we will provide you with an PrivacyTrust seal, which you can place on the Privacy Statement on your website. A link on this seal will link back to a webpage on the PrivacyTrust website to confirm your certification status.

Start Application Process